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Our Process

We Live And Breathe Renovating And Building Homes . And We Know How
Important It Is To Get Everything Absolutely Right.

Your home is your castle. It’s your sanctuary, your place to relax, feel safe, be yourself, to entertain, to raise your family, to enjoy. It’s also a huge investment. You need assurance that the time, money and energy you commit to creating the ideal space, extension or new build is worth it, everything goes according to plan, and there are no hidden costs along the way. That’s where Iconic Building Solutions delivers. We have the experience and processes in place to deliver what you expect when you expect it, within budget and ontime.

Our methodology and rigorous processes means every detail is considered up-front to minimise surprises along the way.We’ll partner with you at every step and manage your building project beyond your expectations.

Here’s How We Do It:


Introducing ourselves: we look forward to hearing about what you need and showing you how we can deliver your vision.

  • Obligation-Free– we’ll introduce you to Iconic Building Solutions in an informal meeting
  • Your needs – we’ll take the time to listen to understand your particular requirements and expectations
  • Our approach – you’ll also have the opportunity to hear about our approach
  • Questions – we’ll answer any general questions you may have

Why not take advantage of our no-obligation FREE consultation.


The creative stage: together we’ll start building a picture of your new dream space or home.

  • Capturing your vision – we’ll work with you to start building a picture of your dream vision, asking the right questions, offering some creative solutions
  • Plans – we’ll guide you on the information we’ll need to tailor provideunique and site specific plans for your build
  • Details – we’ll carefully gather the information required to prepare a detailed project plan

Our proposal: we’ll offer a formal proposal and detailed plan.

  • Formal proposal – we’ll provide a full and detailed specification of building work and options you have requested
  • Pricing– we’ll also offer an outline of full pricingfor the build

We make it easy: we’ll help you get through the red-tape quickly.

  • Council approval – we know the process and what Councils require
  • Expediency – we can help minimise delay by facilitating submission of all the paperwork
  • Detail – we’ll make sure all the appropriate details are taken care of so your approval is not held up
  • Keeping you informed – we’ll answer any questions you may have along the way

Time to begin: starting the build, and managing it every step of the way.

  • Plans approval– once Council approves your application, and appropriate documentation issued, building and construction can commence
  • Building contract– is signed and everything will be in place to begin a smooth project delivery
  • Ongoing consultation – we understand that this phase can be stressful and we’ll be available to answer your questions and concerns at any time
  • On-site presence – our builders will begin on-site by assessing safety and any site specific requirements

Ensuring quality control: constant vigilance to detail and plan specification.

  • Walkthrough – nearing completion, you’ll have access to walk through your new home
  • Your questions answered – as always, you’ll have the opportunity to raise any concerns
  • Project completion – when all your questions have been addressed, the build is complete
  • Sign-off – time to start enjoying your new space!


  • Obligation Free Meeting
  • Planning Process Begins
  • Agree on Budget

Our Free Initial consultation, is the beginning of our planning process where we get to know you and your requirements.


  • Site Specific plans
  • Proposal and Pricing put forward
  • Picture of your dream vision

We put your ideas together with our design expertise and help to bring your dream into reality.


  • Site Preparation Begins
  • Build Commences
  • Dream becomes reality

This is where the work really get’s serious.  We begin to prepare the site and your dream home will become a reality.

Quality Control

  • On site Managers
  • Quality check walkthrough
  • Only the best will do

Our builders are always onsite to ensure that your home is being built to the highest quality.

Our track record gives you peace of mind in knowing that we will deliver a build that exceeds your expectations.

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