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Knock Down Rebuilds

Love The Location, But Unhappy With The House? Why Not Stay Where You Are In Your Gorgeous New Home!

If you need more room or your home needs radical improvement, one solution may be to knock down your existing property and build a new home designed exactly to your specification. Often the only choice people consider is renovating or extending, which can be expensive, or moving – even though they’re comfortable in their current location. It may be more cost-effective to knock down the existing premises and build a brand new house on the block instead.

Iconic Building Solutions will be able assist you with:

Site assessment – we’ll assess the site for you to determine how practical it is to knock down/rebuild on your block

Preliminary works–we’ll guide you through considerations such as general accessibility, soil testing, slope of land, and rock presence that may impact a rebuild

Building permit–we can assist with your building permit application making sure the paperwork is completed thoroughly to avoid any red-tape

Demolition–we can organise the demolition of the existing building

Facilitate Design–we’re able to put you in touch with the best Architectural Designers to help you create your ideal home.

Find out more about how we can help design your brand new house.


Our aim is to help you build your perfect house.

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